Let’s do This!


EVERY DAY!!!!! – I get asked, What can I do to achieve better HEALTH? We all know…Water Water will be on my Epitat!

This isn’t about me! This is about you! This is about Us! I want what is best for you, and I want what is best for us. This is what people who care about each other do.

I have been studying and practicing HEALTH for 20 years now.
(Massage Therapist, Previously: Chiropractic Assistant, Dental Assistant)..Xray Tech and much more!) BS & MS in Business Management!

I have done a lot of research, and I think this is FABULOUS!

I am going to do the 90 day Healthy Habit Challenge! doTerra has the products covered. The products were balanced by Dr.’s and major Science Researchers. They are amazing!

Who wants to do it with me?? We will keep each other accountable. I will be doing it in my small setting and the large Healthy Habits doTerra group that you will be invited to. Learn something new all the time or go on it in your own way. You will feel fabulous, and it will be well worth it, and the price is right. This is a FABULOUS DEAL! https://doterra.me/vlUdRttt

I can’t wait to see you on my 90 Day Healthy Habit Challenge List!! Let’s GET Going!!! Please comment below or send me a message if you have questions… Thank you!! Yes, Please SHARE!

This short video, Dr. Hill – Founding Executive of doTerra, (less than two minutes) was when the program was launched last year! Check it out! Join me for this years 90 Day Healthy Habit Challenge!

Thank you!!


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