Yoga + doTerra = Heavenly

So, you all know by now that I work at one of the best and most beautiful Health Clubs in the world Kennedy Club Fitness, Atascadero – CA. Well, if you don’t live in our area it would be hard to get to and I understand that. If you can’t find or aren’t near a great CLUB or Yoga studio, I understand. If the price of a yoga class keeps you away 🙁 Yes, I would rather you have the community of a class. However, this is a great option. Everyone should be able to have YOGA in their life. SO, I went in search of a great Yoga Video that I could recommend and I found a great one for you. It’s got a lot of personality. You won’t get bored. You can adjust it to be as simple or complex for you. YOGA BURN might be your answer!

Wouldn’t it be great to diffuse some doTerra Breathe while you are doing it?

doTerra also has a simple kit for people that love Yoga!  Click here on Yoga Kit for the link!

My disclaimer, I am not a Dr. Please make sure you evaluate and discuss with your Dr your plan as you see fit. We only want to help you have advancements in your health. Also, I might make a commission off any purchases you make. Thank you.Yoga Kit

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