Mango -Lassi ~ Traditional Indian Yogurt Drink

I really want to make one of these beautiful drinks soon!! Yum!!  I know it probably would be better in the summer but I will enjoy with one by the fire..  🙂  Mango – Lassi

It’s a great recipe from doTerra. (Thank you doTerra!)  As stated in their article it is a “Traditional Indian Drink!”

One of my favorite Indian Restaurants in San Luis Obispo, CA used to serve these as a desert drink.  LOVE them!!  I can’t remember the restaurants name but I will look it up and post it later.  They are a little taste of Heaven.


It’s not mentioned in the article but you can buy Rose Water or check out this great recipe from FOOD NETWORK – ROSE WATER RECIPE

doTerra Makes a Beautiful Rose oil but it is NOT FOR SALE!!  They do sell a Rollerball called  ROSE TOUCH that is out of this world… 🙂  I have tried it but don’t own one yet.  As of today, It’s on my WISH LIST!!   WHAT’S on your doTerra WISH list??

Here is the link for CARDAMOM

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